GORDON & D'ORAZI - The Unique San Francisco Bay Area Musical Duet
The Performer Lead Singer...
As lead vocalist of the
Gordon & D'Orazi Duet, Ms. D'Orazi displays a powerful vocal delivery on-stage which leaves the audience awe-struck. Vikki brings her many years of theatre into her performances as a positive catalyst for her captivating singing ability.
The Performer-Guitar-Gent...keepin'-it-all-together with the Musical
Mr. Gordon accompanies Ms. D'Orazi in a dynamic manner with his pleasing harmonies and inspiring solo song performances. As Instrumentalist, Robby creates an interesting "blend" to the Duet with his unique, original, stylish and rhythmic guitar compositions.
When the talents of two accomplished performers "collide", the outcome can certainly be fantastic! The blending of Vikki's and Robby's natural musicianship "clicked" like magic and they started creating unique tunes in an effortless manner.
The songs you will hear are mostly originals presented in the Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, Pop and other unique styles.
Gordon & D'Orazi send inspiring messages during the music they create which "hits-home" in a timely manner for the listener.
There is much variety in the compositional "mix" they perform which ultimately appeals to many attentive audiences.
The Gordon & D'Orazi Duet play acoustic-electric guitars and will entertain at your wedding, restaurant, celebration, grand-opening...or...any event you can conjure-up!
Gordon & D'Orazi are available to perform for you in the near future. Please respond relating to information towards booking of the Gordon & D'Orazi talent group.
Resonable rates offered for all performances.
Thanks for viewing and listening! 
Gordon & D'Orazi
(707) 781-3275
P.O. Box 832
Kentfield, CA 94914
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                  Promotional photos by: Leanne McCulloch
Takin'-a-break as they head in the right direction!
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